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Leadership Matters - Be Thankful and Serve

In the school setting, positive connections between teachers, support staff, administration, and students are key to making each child know they are cared for and have value. Families and friends can also work together to help each student navigate the stresses and challenges of academics, jobs, family life, extra-curricular activities, and all the other responsibilities students may have.

I know it is sometimes difficult to balance these things and at the same time feel successful in our endeavors. However, one way to help deal with these pressures is to take time to focus on the things we are thankful for.

One of the things I’m most grateful for is living in a country where we are entitled to free education and the opportunity to pursue whatever life or career we choose.

Along with taking the time to focus on things we are thankful for, I encourage students to take advantage of the daily opportunities to serve others. I think students can do things like stand up for a peer in the hallway who is being picked on, make an effort to help a little more at home, or if they see something out of place, take the time to fix it.

It’s the little things that we do that add up to make us into the adults we want to become.

Remember that even though others may not remember what awards we have received, what we looked like or what our stats on the field or court were, they will ALWAYS remember how we made them feel!

Principal Heather Castagno

Wendover High School