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GHS student receives award for National Literary Competition

Zane has battled many obstacles, one being the loss of his hearing. He began to lose his hearing as a young teenager and has now embraced deafness.


Just a few years ago he was logging flight hours to accomplish his goal of receiving his pilot’s license by 15-years old and realizing he would have to walk away from that dream and begin making new ones.


“He's stronger and more compassionate because of the challenges he has faced and has battled anxiety and isolation in the process,” said his mother, Jeanette Rhyne.


Part of his journey has included learning American Sign Language in order to communicate, changing schools and traveling into Salt Lake City to attend the Utah School for the Deaf, and recently transferring to Grantsville High School.


“My prayer is that he will inspire other students that are struggling with anxiety, depression and difficult challenges,” said Jeanette Rhyne.


Grantsville High is happy to have another “cowboy” in their midst. Congratulations Zane! We are proud to have you part of Tooele County School District. 


Please take a moment to read Zane’s short story titled, “Omaha.”