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Online Scheduling is now available!


Parents and Students,


Online schedule changes are now available!  This means that YOU can make changes to your schedule yourself from the convenience of your own home.  Instructions can be found at the bottom of this email and instructions with picture examples can be found at the GHS school website and on the GHS FaceBook page. Please remember to follow directions carefully, and be sure to NOT remove any classes that will affect graduation requirements or special programs you may be working toward (i.e. CTE pathways, NCAA, or Regents scholarship eligibility).


Seniors will have access to make online changes to their schedules until Friday, August 10.

All other grades will have access to make online changes to their schedules until Wednesday, August 15.


Many students will have “holes” or unscheduled periods in their schedules. This happens when one of the following takes place: 1) a student did not request enough classes, 2) a student did not get into a requested class, or 3) a class has been dropped. Instead of filling them in ourselves, we are allowing you the opportunity to fill them.


Counselors will be available to help students who have holes in their schedule or are missing classes needed for graduation in the writing lab from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the following days (meeting with counselors to change lunches or be in classes with friends is not an appropriate use of counselors’ time – any of those types of changes will have to be done on your own through the online scheduling features):


For SENIORS: Wednesday, August 8

For JUNIORS: Thursday, August 9

For SOPHOMORES:  Friday, August 10

For FRESHMEN: Monday, August 13


The last hour of each of these days (2:00 – 3:00 p.m.) will be reserved ONLY for appointments for brand-new-to-the-district students to get their schedules in place.  New students must have previously registered with our registrar, Sandi Thomas, before their counselor will be able to access them in our system.  New students must also bring a copy of their most recent transcript from their former school.


Freshman students: new counselor TBA

For 10th-12th graders with last names A-J: Pamela Keller

For 10th-12th graders with last names K-Z: Karen Randall (


*NO schedule changes will be done once school starts.  Counselors will only be available to help students fill unscheduled periods, or solve issues with concurrent enrollment, CLC classes, Special Education classes or graduation requirements for seniors.



Classes begin Tuesday, August 21.



Online Scheduling Tutorial

  1. Log in to student SIS/Aspire account


It is best to use the student’s username

and password to avoid any issues.



  1. Click on “Scheduling” to the right of the screen



  1. Below the class schedule you will see a Search Box. You can search for classes by name or by period. To search by class period, type it as R/1, R/2, etc. Or W/6, W/7, etc.  All the classes available will then show below the search box.  (You can also click on a subject under the Graduation Requirements in the box on the right and it will list those classes) If you don’t type anything in the search box every class offered will show below the search box. 



  1. Click on the class you want and a list of classes available will appear. Each class box will show the class period at the top in blue, the teacher name, how many seats available and the room number.  On the bottom right of the class box there is a gray box showing when the class is taught. (S1 = Semester 1) (S2 = Semester 2) (YS = All Year class)



  1. Once you click on the class box you want, it will automatically be added to the schedule and will replace the class that was previously scheduled. You will not be able to add classes that are full or classes that aren’t open to your grade level. For example, a 10th grade student will not able to schedule Language Arts 12. ALWAYS ADD CLASSES FIRST!  The system will automatically drop the class you are replacing.  If you drop a class first, you might not be able to add it back or find another class you want to put in it’s place, so please add classes first!  


  1. If you can’t see the schedule change that was made, click the refresh button and it should show. You can also go back to the student homepage and the class change should show there as well.


  1. If you see a Class in your schedule called “Unscheduled-Add class”, this means you need to add a class in order to meet your graduation credit requirements. This is usually an elective class, so you can pick whatever class you want to fill in that period.


  1. The Graduation Requirements box shows how many credits are required for graduation, how many credits you have earned, how many credits are in your current schedule and how many credits you still need to graduate. Anything that is red means you still need to complete that requirement. Please check the credit evaluation or ask your counselor if you are concerned about graduation requirements. 



  1. Certain classes will not be available for online scheduling. These include CLC classes, Teacher’s Aide, Release to Parent, Special Education courses and full year courses.  To add or change these classes, you must meet with your counselor to make sure you have the prerequisites or meet the requirements to add these courses.  


  1. Please do not take out any classes that are required for graduation. You are responsible to make sure your schedule meets all graduation requirements.  If you are unsure, please talk with your counselor to make sure you are on track for graduation.