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Leadership Matters - Back to School Routines

 As a principal in the Tooele County School District, I want to share a few ideas on how to best ease into this new school year and find success all throughout it.

 It is important that parents have good communication with their student’s teacher(s). Hopefully, you met them during back-to-school night, but if not contacting them via an e-mail, a phone call, or a quick visit to the school are some great ways to open-up a dialog.

  It helps a teacher to know who you are and what you expect from your student. It is also important to start that communication early so if something comes up, a relationship has already been started. Find a way to make brief but important contact with your student’s teacher(s) as soon as possible.

 And then there is homework. Oh yes, everyone’s favorite family activity! To make homework successful instead of stressful, think about establishing a specific time and place in your home where homework gets done. Turn off all electronic devices during that time. Even if a student doesn’t have homework that night, have them read a book in that same time frame. How much time you spend doing homework varies on age and capability, but make it a habit with your students so they can expect it nightly. For more information refer to our homework policy 5053. If your students don’t need help, you can also read a book or work on something similar at that time. Routine, routine, routine.

 Growing up as an athlete I was always taught that it is important to get good rest and eat well. It is no different for a student. It is very important that each student eat dinner at night, get a good nights rest and have a good breakfast before coming to school.

 Here are two ideas to establish a bedtime routine for your students:

Establish a certain time that everyone goes to bed. This varies with age. Eight to 10 hours of sleep is generally the recommended number. Routines are key to make getting to bed at a decent time a possibility.

Take electronic devices away at the established bedtime. I know many parents who have their student’s cell phones, iPads, iPods, in their own bedroom at night. Yes, the parents keep those electronic devices in their rooms so the kids aren’t tempted to stay up all night with them. I suggest you get your student a good old fashioned alarm clock to help wake them up in the morning.

Idea for a nightly schedule: (This varies on age of child, but I want to give you an example)

7:30 p.m. - Dinner

8:15 p.m.- Homework (On the kitchen table once dinner is cleaned up)

9:00 p.m. - Get ready for bed. (Kids hand over their electronics)

9:30 p.m. - Lights out.

     We want the 2018-2019 school year to be the best year yet for you and your students. Tooele County School District welcomes you back to school!


Andy Carlsen


Clarke N. Johnsen Junior High