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Online Class Information

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Blue Peak Online K12 (7th-12 Grade) Teachers and Staff
Business Department
Vacant Business Office Specialist, Exploring Business & Marketing, Intro to Coding
Driver's Education 
Dr. Rick Harrison
Drivers Education 435-884-4460  Canvas
English Department
Miss Julianna Williams
English Language Arts 7th-12th grades
435-833-8717 Edgenuity
Fine/Visual Arts Department
Mrs. Ruth Nichols
Fine/Visual Arts 435-833-8734 Edgenuity
Health & PE Department
Mrs. Camille Clegg-Patch Fitness for Life, Health I & II, Participation Skills Serves students with surnames A-L 435-833-1904 Edgenuity
Ms. Karie Johnson
Fitness for Life, Health I & II, Participation Skills
Serves Students with surnames M-Z.
435-833-8700 x. 2246 Edgenuity
Mathematics Department
Mr. Tyler Rydalch
  • Math 7
  • Math 8
  • Math I 
  • Math Decision Making for Life
435-884-7100 Edgenuity
Miss Rebecca Bates
  • Math II,
  • Math III
  • Precalculus
  • Physics
  • Honors Physics
435-833-1978 x2151 Edgenuity
Science Department
Mrs. Jessie Doherty Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry 435-884-7706 Edgenuity
Mrs. Donna Ward Science 7, Science 8 & Environmental Science 435-833-1978 x2143 Edgenuity
Social Studies Department
Mr. Erik Jordan
  • Geography for Life
  • Honors US History II
  • US History II
  • Honors World Civilizations             1 & 2
  • World Civilizations    1 & 2
  • Honors U.S. Government & Citizenship
  • US Government & Citizenship
  • Honors Economics
  • Financial Literacy
435-833-8708 Edgenuity
Mr. John Medley
  • Utah Studies  (7th Grade),
  • US History I   (8th Grade)        
  • Honors Psychology A.
  • Psychology A.
  • Sociology
435-833-1978 x2011 Edgenuity
World Languages Department
Mrs. Yuan Kuang World Languages- Chinese 435-833-1940 ext. 1645 Edgenuity
Mr. Michael Young World Languages- German 435-833-1921 ext. 2580 Edgenuity
Mr. Rod Lundwall World Languages- Spanish 435-882-2479 ext. 4614 Edgenuity
Blue Peak Online K12 Special Education Teachers
Mrs. McKenzie Robinson Special Education, Department Chair  435-833-8712 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Miss Marisa Nielsen Special Education  435-833-8713 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mr. Joseph Krueger Special Education 435-833-8718 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Denise Wilkins Special Education 435-833-8700 ext. 2267 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Amy Jaskowick Special Education 435-833-8700 ext. 2266 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Brandi Richman Special Education 435-833-8700 ext. 2265 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Carmella Abel Special Education 435-882-4597 ext.3411 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Laura Bastian Special Education 435-882-9001 ext. 3658 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Holly Courtney Special Education 435-831-4090 ext.4251 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Makaylee Birky Special Education Speech/Language Technician Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Blue Peak Online K12 Part-time Special Education Teachers

Mrs. Barbara Montgomery Special Education- part time West Elem. 435-833-1931 ext.1405 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Teresa DeVries Special Education- part time West Elem 435-833-1931 ext. 1408 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Lauren Krueger Special Education-part time Rose Springs Elem. 435-833-9015 ext. 2914 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Alicia Yarborough Special Education-part time Rose Springs Elem. 435-833-9015 ext. 2639 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Jodie Barney Special Education-part time Grantsville Elem. 435-884-9991 ext. 6440 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Ashley Ferrara Special Education-part time Old Mill Elem. 435-833-9754 ext.1551 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Camille Rottler Special Education- part time Old Mill Elem.  435-833-9754 ext. 1582 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mr. Boyd Hazzard Special Education- part time Grantsville High 435-884-4500 ext. 3123 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele
Mrs. Jennifer Buell-Nogues Special Education- part time Clarke N. Johnsen Jr. High 435-833-1939 ext. 3234 Blue Peak Online/MTH-Tooele