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College Information

 Application Fee $35 - Priority Deadline: Nov. 1
*Admissions Holistic Review Process
Campus Tour
Application Fee $35- Deadline: Mar. 1
Open Enrollment
 Application Fee $40 -Deadline: Mar. 1
Open Enrollment
Snow SUU UofU
Application Fee $30 - Deadline: Mar 1
Open Enrollment
Application Fee - $50 - Deadline: Mar 1
**Provisional Admissions for 2.0 - 2.4 GPA
Application Fee - $35 - Early Action: Dec.1
*Application Holistic Review Process
USU Tooele USU USU Eastern
Application Fee $50 - Deadline: April 1
Admissions/Scholarship Deferment
Application Fee $50 - Deadline: Jan. 10
**Provisional Admissions for 2.5 - 2.89 GPA
Application Fee $50 - Deadline: Aug 1
UVU Weber Westminster
Application Fee $35 - Deadline: March 1
Open Enrollment
Application Fee $30 - Deadline: Dec. 1 
Open Enrollment
Application Fee $0 - Deadline: Dec. 1
*Holistic Review Process
Open Enrollment - No minimum GPA and test scores required to be accepted.
*Holistic Review Process - all aspects of student achievement including GPA, class rigor, grades earned, extracurricular, leadership roles and personal circumstances.
**Provisional Admissions - College has accepted you but additional requirements focused on academic success may be required.
b D D
$2.00/hour (Number of hours varies).
Logan, Utah
$2.25/hour (Number of hours varies).
Kaysville, Utah
$2.25/hour (Number of hours varies).
St. George, Utah
Done D SW
$2.25/hour (Number of hours varies).
Orem, Utah
$1,500 - $3,500 (depending on program)
Ogden, Utah
$2.00/hour (Number of hours varies).
Cedar City, Utah
T Tech UB  
$2.00/hour (Number of hours varies).
Tooele, Utah
$2.00/hour (Number of hours varies).
Roosevelt, Utah
Tuition & Fees for a 900 hour program is approximately $2,000
Technical education programs focus on providing knowledge and skills aligned with industry demand and do not require students to take general education coursework. Technical education includes short-term training and programs that:
  • lead to an institutional certificate; or
  • is short-term training; and
  • does not include general education; and
  • is offered at low cost to adult learners and no cost to secondary students
(Utah System of Higher Education Issue Brief, September 2020)
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